Instant Ways to Configure the Fritzbox 7490 Router with Telephone calls

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The Fritzbox 7490 Router is a phenomenal router that provides fast blazing and secure speed. This router provides a lot of unbelievable features with some unique functions. It would not be fair enough to call this device only a router, it is more than a router with a lot of amazing features. However, this 7490 router provides you with breakthrough speed with great capability. The Fritzbox wireless router is the only router that includes telephony, internet, and multimedia. Therefore the setup of this wireless router is so easy and magnificent even if you can do it yourself, you don’t need to take any technical support.

Well, the Fritzbox 7490 wireless router provides a lot of features with easy setup and that makes a perfect combo for any perfect router. However, the fritzbox 7490 login process requires the user id and the password of the admin to run the configuration settings of the device. In the following article, you’ll read the ways that will help the Fritzbox router to connect with telephone calls. 

Configuration of the telephone calls with the Fritzbox 7490 Router

There are different ways that provide the different instructions to make telephone calls with the Fritzbox 7490 router. Well, this wireless router gets a pack of powerful hardware that consists of Gigabit, LAN, Wireless AC and the most dazzling feature is the USB 3.0 for high-speed internet and telephone connectivity.

How to do Fritz Box wireless router configuration with telephone numbers?

You can simply configure the telephone numbers into the Fritzbox 7490 router by using the wizard. In which all the numbers that are not configured into the device automatically by the ISP. Also, the landline numbers help to assign terminal devices or other telephone numbers. It also offers you many useful functions such as call diversion or answering the machine. Therefore, if you wish to make the configuration of the device automatically then you need the internet telephone in which the numbers will automatically configure with the wireless router. This process is known as remote configuration. 

The remote configuration starts with the connection of the internet with the telephone calls. Therefore the configured numbers that you can find in the user interface under the menu of telephony or telephone numbers. However, you can configure the telephone by following the wizard. So firstly, open the user interface of the Fritzbox 7490 router and then tap on the manage telephone numbers. Hereafter, click on the add number button and then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Configure the Fritzbox telephone numbers with other terminal devices?

This process instantly starts after the login, which requires the internal name that will display on the list. After that, the telephone numbers of the device will use the outgoing call to make the network with the public wireless devices. Now the incoming call will show the list on the display screen. Now you have to choose for what purpose you want to use the terminal device. Either you get a ring for every telephone call or only pick up for the answering machines or fax machines. 

Well, the configuration process is also easy, you just have to open the user interface of the Fritzbox 7490 router. Then select the telephony devices to telephony only. Thereafter, click on the configuration of the new devices button and then you can change the settings of the device that has been already configured. After making the desired changes, click Apply to save the settings.

Final words

The Fritzbox 7490 router is a VDSL modem router that consists of a lot of incredible features. Also, the hardware configuration of the devices is just fabulous and gives the best wireless performance ever. If you are looking for the configuration of the telephone calls with the Fritzbox wireless device then you can read this article. In which you have two ways to configure the telephone calls conveniently. 

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