How To Get Rid with Nexxt Kronos301 Signal Repeater Poor Signal?

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The Nexxt Kronos301 Signal Repeater is all one solution as it arrives with three operation modes. It can be operated as a router, universal repeater, and access point. It usually connects with the actual router and extends the signal of the WiFi network by eliminating the dead spots of your home or offices. It is featured with wireless N technology that is apt to supply a decent speed of around 300 MBps to enhance your home network. The wall-mounted characteristics grant you to place the repeater outside without any requirement of attaching the wired connection. Thereby, saves the hardware component costs to install the device. 

The WPS button grants you to set up the device by just thumbing down a single button. The Kronos301 Signal Repeater is equipped with 802.11b, 802.11n, and 802.11g WiFi communication standards, so expands the network connection very well. Dues to its lightweight and small design, you can port the device simply in a bag and place it wherever you want. The WiFi LED indicator lightens and helps you to spot the ideal location with the best internet connection. Now we tell you the solutions to configure the Kronos301 WiFi repeater device.

How to Configure Nexxt Kronos301 Signal Repeater?

To do the Kronos301 Signal Repeater configuration, you need to follow these uncomplicated steps. 

Step 1

Attach the Kronos301 Signal Repeater to the AC joint. The device will p[owered on buy itself. Move the device to the middle to experience the excellent signal and speed. Now thumb down the reset switch for around 50 seconds.

Step 2

Now, will observe that the range supplied by the Kronos301 connects with the network. It will demand the passcode. It means you reached the Krnos301 network. 

Step 3

After the successful connection whether it is by ethernet wire or by WiFi function, launch a browser and type or default IP address in the explore box. 

Step 4

The next interface demanding you to type the username and passphrase will reveal up. Type admin in both sections.

Step 5

Once chased the web management page of the Keronos301 device, choose repeater mode on the top left. It will initiate the scanning process and ultimately detects the available WiFi network.

Step 6

The wireless signal presents up and picks one to extend. Once picked, it will demand you to type the passphrase and type it. Pick the save option. Now we tell you the simple tips and tricks to get rid of with your Nexxt repeater network

How To Get Rid with Nexxt Kronos301 Signal Repeater Poor Signal?

Find Best Spot

Verify that the Kronos301 Signal Repeater is installed in an accurate place by which it can reach the router WiFi networks. The Nexxt Kronos301 and the actual router should be within the range of 3 meters. Evade installing both devices around the glasses, metal objects, concrete walls, etc. 

Fix the Antennas

Fix the router antennas straightening it. All the antennas of your router should be in the vertical direction. Switch your router’s existing antennas to a Separate one.

Switch the Channel

The router identifies the channel that is not accurate for your location. It is desirable to switch the channel by chasing the Kronos301 login page with the web interface. Reach the wireless choice and switch the channel.

Block Other User

If the additional user is connected to your Kronos301 Signal Repeater network and utilizing the high internet kinds of the web such as downloading HD streaming. Then disable or block that user which is connected. Assure that you configure powerful security code for your WiFi network.

Upgrade The Firmware of Kronos301 Signal Repeater

Sometimes, the old firmware may produce an issue. Cross test that the Nexxt Kronos301 Signal Repeater firmware is not outdated. Upgrade to the most advanced version by reaching the login page if available. If not available, visit the official website to install the firmware by itself. Confirm the router firmware too.

Final Words

A superb device I purchased recently for my home to advance the coverage and speed. I installed it upstairs because my router is not apt to boost the signal; This Kronos301 Signal Repeater reaches the signal upstairs and provides reliable connectivity. Video streaming and online gaming can be experienced without any issue. The wall-mounted features present you to install the repeater outside without any stress of joining the wired connection. Thereby, conserves the hardware component charges to fix the device. Coming to the final words, a value for money device and suggests buying it.

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