Simple Steps To Configure Belkin Dual Band WiFi Extender Settings

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The Belkin extender is a wireless Dual Band WiFi Extender that completely extends the range of your home. The network connectivity is absolutely faster than eliminating the WIFi dead zone. This appliance is designed to work with a standard WIFi router & provides a robust WiFi network in a hard-to-reach area in your residence. This network device allows staying connected with the network. Additionally, the crossband technology & dual-band network entirely allow enjoying stable, reliable & faster network signals.

The network coverage of the Belkin Dual Band WiFi extender is more & smooth. The Ethernet port enabled in this device allows attaching the wired connection with your wired networking device. The range extender device is compact & comes along with a detachable plug then you directly plug it into the wall power supply. 

With a Blekin Dual Band WiFi Extender, you can effortlessly expand the network of your existing router device. The simple position of your range extender in your home where you need the network connectivity. The weak & interrupted network signals are absolutely killer with the network of this device. To enhance the network, you have to enable a 5GHz network. Then, navigate belkin.range & quickly enable the 5 GHz network. After that, the wireless network was completely amplifi. 

Why is it necessary to configure the settings of the Belkin Dual Band WiFi Extender?

The Dual Band WiFi Extender device comes along with a dual-band network, security encryption, wireless channel, & other network settings. If you wish to get stable & more reliable network signals, then you should configure this setting of this device. In the Belkin extender setting, you have to configure some steps that are as follows:

  • WPS 
  • Site survey 
  • Quality Of Service(QoS)
  • Cross-band
  • Access control

Configure Belkin Dual Band WiFi Extender Settings 

To properly & completely improve the network connectivity, you have to configure the Dual Band WiFi Extender in various settings. To configure the various settings of this extender device, you have to follow some steps.

WPS of Dual Band WiFi Extender

The WPS makes it easy to connect your extender to your network and connect other devices to your network through the extender. With the WPS setting, you can easily perform the setup without using a cable. If you wish to enhance the network connectivity of your standard router without using a cable, then you should configure the WPS button setting.

To configure the WPS button setting, you have to press the WPS button on your client’s device. Then, click the WPS button, on your Dual Band WiFi Extender device. When the WPS connection is successfully complete,

The light that is available on the front panel on the Dual Band WiFi Extender will be solid blue for 10 seconds. If the light blinks orange for 10 seconds, the connection fails. Then, you should verify the range of your device & extender device. If using the extender’s WPS screen, be sure to click OK within two minutes, or you will have to start over. 

Site survey 

The Site Survey setting of the Belkin extender device absolutely gives a snapshot of all access points and wireless routers within range of the extender. To configure this setting, you have to visit the http //belkin.range to start the setup wizard and choose the site survey setting. The SSID column represents the names of neighboring wireless networks. Additionally, the radio band (in GHz) of the neighboring wireless networks. The WiFi signals icon absolutely provides the strength of the signal of your network. In the last, the security option is built-in that deliver the security. 

Quality Of Service(QoS)

The Belkin range extender device completely supports WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia), which enhances the quality of service (QoS) on a network. QoS prioritizes data packets according to four traffic classes: voice, video, best effort, and background. We recommend keeping the default QoS settings. To configure this setting, you have to visit the setting by using the default login ip. In the setting of this extender device, you have to select the QoS option. If this option is disabled, then you quickly enable it. After that, these settings are properly configured. 


The cross-band setting provides high & speedy network signals. This band simultaneously uses both bands for high & stable network signals. With this band, you cannot face any interrupted & weak network signals. To enjoy seamless network coverage as well as constant network signals, you have to enable the cross-band setting. In the setting of this appliance with the default login ip. You will find the cross-band setting. If the status option is off of this setting, then you quickly switch on this option. After that, the cross-band setting is properly configured. 

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