What is the best location to place the Netgear Dual Band Extender?

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The Netgear Dual Band Extender helps to improve the cost of reliability with a quick wifi speed. So that you can easily use the device and get improved wireless performance in your house. However, it increases the existing network under the same name and provides improved speed and reliability of network connections. Also, there is another way that can expand the network connection is to use the power line that comes into the networking kit which is a slightly new technological feature. Instead of buying new routers to boost up the connection, you can simply add them to your current home network connection.

The Netgear dual band extender requires a mywifiext web address, admin username, and mywifiext password to complete the setup of the device. Additionally, it is one of the fastest and newest plug-in extenders that delivers a stable speed and also supports MU-MIMO technology. It has four internal antennas that help to make the speed of the device secure and faster as compared to other extender devices. 

Netgear Dual Band Extender and installation

Into the installation of the Netgear Dual Band Extender device, you get to know how you can place the Netgear extender by finding an optimum location. Also, you get to know how you can connect the range extender to the existing wireless network connection. In the subsequent article, you get to know the patterns of installing the device on your own.

Find an optimum location to place the Netgear wireless extender

If you are confused about the position or thinking about where to place the device and if you placed it and still do not get an appropriate wireless connection. Then this causes an installation error. So to avoid this kind of situation you need to locate the Netgear Dual Band Extender device in the right place. The Netgear wireless extender has the ability to extend the distance of the current wireless signal connection and then seamlessly covers other wifi areas which do not support internet connectivity.

However, the PC does not get a good signal connection, and then both the devices lose internet connectivity. But if the computer is getting a good signal but the main router fails to receive the connection then this also causes an issue.

In order to place the Netgear Dual Band Extender into the finest location, it is in between the wireless device and the host wifi router. It helps to boost up the signal so that it can access other places and eliminate all the weak signal connections with its fast blazing speed. However, it provides a great signal connection to other devices as well. Also, you need to ensure that the router and the wireless LED both should have the green light.

First, you need to check the router LED and it indicates the connection between the access point and the range extender. The solid green LED light means the best connection, a solid amber LED means good connection, solid red LED means poor connection, and off means no connection and the same indication with the wireless device. 

Netgear Dual Band Extender existing network connection

There are many ways to connect to the extender’s existing connection. You can use a web-based management interface to set up the device. In case the netgear_ext not showing up in the connection then you can use the WPS connection of the range extender with the host router.

In order to connect with the web browser, use a wifi network with the computer and then connect the connection with Netgear_ext. When the connection between the devices is established then the LED of the device lights. Hereafter, launch an internet browser and enter  www.mywifiext.net in the address field and the page displays where you can proceed to the login process. Thereafter, follow the on-screen prompts.

In order to connect the Netgear extender with the WPS button, push the WPS button on the side panel of the Netgear extender. After pressing the button for more than two minutes, it will start blinking the LED lights and the extender connected to the existing wireless network. Therefore, find the new wireless extender name on the computer and the wifi device and then with the computer device.

Final words

The Netgear Dual Band Extender has smart roaming features that include the new generation of technology. Well, the range extender does not use the same network name if it is already in the home instead of that it uses ext at the end. However, if the location of the device disturbs you and after many attempts, you still fail to place the device at the best location then you can read this article. 

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