Can Your MakeUp Really Stay in Place for 12 Hours?

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There are many make-up products out there claiming to stay in place from dawn till dusk, but can this really be true? This question pops up every day here at magic make-up.

We are bombarded with celebrities looking fabulous in the glossy mags and on the tv screen on a daily basis so I thought I would share some tried and tested techniques to help keep all of you beauties at your best from the moment you step out of your door in the morning, till whatever time you return!

Can Your Make-Up Really Stay in Place for 12 Hours?

If you are like me then you probably only have about 5 minutes to get this right between getting the kids sorted and making sure the cat if fed. To be honest once you have got into your routine this should be ample time.


It’s important to use a moisturiser that is suitable for your type of skin. If your skin is oily already and you use a rich moisturiser your foundation will soon be heading south! After you have cleansed your face apply your moisturiser. Leave time for this to settle into your skin and give your skin time to cool down before applying your foundation.

Foundation and concealers

The most important point here is the importance of getting the shade right. It’s best to test a small amount on your jaw line and go out into natural daylight with a mirror.

I find it best to apply my concealer before my foundation. That way you don’t need to blend it twice. You can start with a make-up base to even out any skin tone differences. Also known as “primer”, this will give your skin a smoother finish and help keep your make-up in place longer.

There are several on the market including eye-shadow primers. I find these help to prevent creasing and give eye shadows a crisper colour definition.

Finish with a dusting of loose powder to help set in place. I find translucent gives a more natural finish.


To get a lasting colour try using a smidging of cream, gel or liquid blusher before applying a powder blush. This powder blush helps to fix the colour like your powder does for your foundation. Remember only use a small amount and try to keep the shades the same. The clown look is not a look we want to aim for 😀

Eye Make-Up

Starting with a cream base or primer will keep your eye shadow looking clear and crease free for longer. When choosing eye liners and mascara, go for the longer lasting types.

Liquid eye liner does tend to stay in place for longer. But if you have a hand like mine you’ll just have a squiggle ? Eye pencils look more natural anyway. Apply your mascara in two coats to give a deeper fuller effect that will stay in place for longer.

Tip – if using powder eye shadow you can dampen your applicator to get a deeper shade.

To give your brows a fuller, bolder effect, (without looking false I might add) fill in with a brow pencil. Remember to get a shade close to your natural brows.


To help set your lip stick and keep the colour and lusciousness for longer apply a thin layer of foundation first. You can do this when you do the rest of your face, just try not to lick your lips too much 😉

Using a lip liner does help to define your lips and can be used as a base over your entire lips for a lasting colour. Top with your lipstick. Using a lip stick brush helps with the longevity too! Gently dab with a soft tissue and top with a little gloss if desired.

There are plenty of lip stains on the market which do stay in place for a long time. So make sure you have tested the colour as once applied there is no going back! (for that day anyway) Don’t make the mistake I did with a vibrant red :-/ Once applied, simply add a top coat of gloss.


To give that glowing youthful look a fine dusting of bronzer in the right places is a must. I truly believe it makes you feel so much more alive. This is certainly the best way to add colour to your complexion. Don’t make the mistake of adding it using foundation – a definite no no.

A little tip for t-zone oiliness – dab lightly with soft tissue during the day. To prevent breakouts keep your hands away from your face. As well as possibly smudging your make-up you could irritate spot prone skin.

Now take a look in the mirror and smile! After you have perfected this routine it should take no more than 5 minutes.

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