A Mini Configuration Guide for the RangeXTD Signal Booster

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As you know that the Coronavirus has affected the lives of people very badly. People started working from their homes due to coronavirus. Many homes in the USA start depending on internet connectivity whether it is for their free time or for urgent work. They need wifi connection that not only provides a good amount of bandwidth but also provides a fast amount of bandwidth. So we recommend you to buy the RangeXTD Signal Booster, where you get amazing and breakthrough video streaming services and also play your favorite video games. 

The Rangextd trifi wifi booster setup and the installation process make the device more attractive and do not cost too much as well. However, the wifi signal booster provides better wifi coverage and works fast with the existing or the primary routers. Make sure that you already have to find the best place to relocate the range extender. By placing it into an optimum location you get a seamless connection throughout the house. 

Configuration of the RangeXTD Signal Booster with different modes

Simply there are many ways to configure the RangeXTD Signal Booster. Well, the right configuration method will provide you with a way to boost up the signal and extend the internet signal. Moreover, it is compatible with all kinds of internet services. With its high accessing wifi speed, it can cover up to 230 square feet of area. Having a Rangextd wifi booster into the homes makes your small jobs as convenient as possible. Let’s start the configuration process. 

The WPS Button configuration with wifi repeater mode

It is the simplest way to configure the RangeXTD Signal Booster by using the wifi repeater mode. But first, verify whether your existing router supports the WPS button setup or not. If it supports then read further. You can check through its LED signal indicator. Firstly, select the repeater position for the repeater mode. Plug the Rangextd wifi extender into the wall socket. Now you can clearly see fast flashing LED lights for more than three minutes. Please wait for three minutes and press the WPS button of the host router. Now the wireless device automatically connects to the wireless router and requires the wifi password for the access point or the smart host router. 

More Steps

Now in this step, you will configure the wifi repeater mode wirelessly. Make sure that the mode selector for the repeater mode must be set into repeater position and then plug the device into the wall socket. Simply click on the network icon on the top right bottom of the desktop screen and then you’ll be able to connect to the RangeXTD Signal Booster. Now click on the connect button and then wait for some seconds.

Now launch a web browser and type the IP address into the address box. Then the login screen will appear and then you need to enter the password and login to the page. The default wifi booster password is admin. After the login, the web page will appear and then click on the repeater and the AP mode to configure the RangeXTD Signal Booster settings. From the displayed list, choose the SSID wifi name and then specify the password of the wireless router. Therefore, complete the entry by clicking on the apply button.

Configure the WiFi AP mode with the RangeXTD Signal Booster

You can use the AP mode to obtain the settings of the wireless access point. The RangeXTD Signal Booster device will be able to connect to the device in this wifi mode. Firstly, you need to select the access point position for the AP mode. Thereon, plug the device into the power outlet. Follow the on-screen process carefully. Open the preferred web browser and enter the IP address into the location bar.

After the login. Click on the wireless section to configure the basic wireless settings for the SSID network name. You can also check for the security type for the access point and check whether the device supports the WPA, WPA2, WPA WPA2 encryption methods or not. In order to access the access point page, the password is the network key for the AP or the router mode.

Final words

The  RangeXTD Signal Booster helps to improve the wifi coverage. However, you can configure the Rangextd wifi booster in many ways. You can configure the wifi repeater mode with WPS Button, wirelessly, RJ45 cable, and many more that you can also read in this article. In case, you failed to configure the system then you can read the installation guide for detailed help. 

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