How to enable third party services on the Dlink Dual Band Router?

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The Dlink Dual Band Router offers compatibility which means it can work with any wireless device. Moreover, you can monitor or control the network location along with getting more speed, splendid wireless coverage, and a high compatibility ratio. It can cover around 300 Mbps of fast blazing speed so that you can binge Netflix or web surfing with peace of mind.

Also, the dual-band router comes with four ethernet ports that provide a stable and reliable connection to wireless devices. In addition, the router protects against internet threats or malicious attacks as it has effective security features and it also includes an SPI firewall.

To access the Dlink dual-band router requires a dlinkrouter.local web address that redirects you to the login page of the device. It’s each band that allows connecting to multiple devices at the same time. For streaming, you can use the 5 GHz band and for online gaming 2.4 GHz is enough.

Internet Access to the third party with Dlink Dual Band Router

By enabling the third-party services so they can also access the internet connection of the Dlink Dual Band Router. However, this router functionally works with your voice commands as it can use the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control the network connection into the home network of your house.

It also includes a lot of incredible features that simply enable disabling the guest wifi zone without accessing the web user interface. Moreover, you can reboot the device and also check for the firmware updates if available. In order to provide access to the third party for using the device then you need to register with the dlink cloud service. 

You need to register with the dlink cloud service account

To provide the access to the third party so that they can manage or control your Dlink Dual Band Router wireless account. For that, you need to register the third-party wireless device with your dlink cloud service account. Prominently. Open the dlink wifi app on the smartphone and then tap on the settings of the top right corner of the display screen. After that click on the cloud service icon and then tap the register button.

After that, you can sign into the dlink account by using Google, Facebook or email address. In case you are already using the dlink cloud account. After that, tap on the login button that you will find at the bottom of the screen, and then you will be redirected to the login page.

Setup of Dlink Dual Band router with Amazon Alexa 

In order to complete the setup with Amazon Alexa, you need the Amazon Alexa app, an Amazon account or Alexa device as well. Also, you need a dlink service account to use this amazon feature of the device. Firstly, open the Amazon Alexa app on the mobile device and then click on the menu button that you will get on the top left corner of the display screen.

Therefore, tap on the skills and games button and then search for the Dlink Dual Band Router wifi from the search result. After that, tap enables to link the skills with Amazon Alexa. Afterward, sign into the dlink cloud service account with dlinkap.local admin password. Hence, you have successfully linked the skill for the Amazon device. Now you can run the device to get Amazon Alexa Voice Command.

If you want to enable the guest zone then simply ask Alexa to enable D-Link Wi-Fi to my guest zone. If you want to disable the guest zone then ask Alexa to disable D-Link Wi-Fi to my guest zone. In case, you want to find out the guest zone credential detail then ask Alexa what are my guest network credentials of D-Link Wi-Fi. If you want to reboot the Dlink Dual Band Router then ask Alexa to reboot the router. If you want to upgrade the device then simply ask D-Link Wi-Fi to upgrade my router from Alexa. 

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