Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

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Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

Front and rear bumpers are some of the most practical elements of a vehicle. From minor bumps to fundamental collisions, Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

bumpers are designed to take in effect and shield the rest of the vehicle from considerable damage.


With this first-rate duty comes wonderful effects, as bumpers are one of the maximum commonly broken parts of a vehicle — mainly in collisions with other motors. In the back of the bumpers are additives that can also grow to be broken:


Lighting fixtures: Fog lighting fixtures, registration code lights, headlights, and flip indicators.

Warning signals and Sensors: vehicle cameras, parking sensors, airbag sensors, backup sensors, automobile lane converting sensors, collision caution sensors, and climate sensors.

Trim and Molding: decorative attachments to the front and/or rear bumper.


Similar to you would get a scientific assessment after being in an automobile crash, it’s continually the safest bet to get your automobile looked at too. Even in case you best be aware of a few minor dents and scratches on the bumper, Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost there will be extra extensive damage that isn’t seen until it’s far looked at by a technician. In serious accidents, there may also be damage to the wheels, grille, frame, and structural guide.

Bumper Repair vs. Bumper Replacement

In case your bumper is broken, you have got several options. Minor problems can generally be repaired, however extra critical harm ought to require a brand new alternative bumper. The selection between bumper repair or replacement will come right down to the volume of the damage.


Usually, minor scratches, dents, and chips may be effortlessly repaired by the usage of specialized gear observed in a vehicle frame save. Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost The shop may also repaint or combo any repaired areas at the bumper to ensure it is a specific coloration healthy to the rest of the automobile.


The bumper alternative is often advocated if there may be severe damage, like deep cracks and holes or if the bumper is falling off the automobile. However, new technologies have made extra repairs feasible. To recognize what’s possible together with your Honda Accord Rear Bumper Replacement Cost bumper, agenda an appointment to have your bumper (and any underlying damage) evaluated.


How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Replace a Bumper?

Bumper repair and alternative prices will range primarily based on in which you stay, the quantity of the harm, the sort of car, and many other elements. Right here’s an observation of how many it prices to both repair and update a bumper.

Bumper Repair Costs:

Bumper repair costs will depend on


  • The volume of the harm
  • The make, model, and yr of the car
  • The bumper cloth (most are plastic with an aluminum or metallic reinforcement bar)
  • There are several exceptional types of repairs that may clear up bumper damage:


Traditional Dent restore


In line with Insurify, the value to restore a rear bumper dent can range from $a hundred and fifty to $600.


Paintless Dent repair


Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a technique of using specialized tools to tug out dents without unfavorable the paint. This selection is regularly less highly-priced and quicker than conventional dent repair, but it isn’t the first-rate preference for damage that has ruined the floor and paint. It’s also now not to be had for plastic bumpers that require extra than simple buffing.


Cracks, Holes, and Punctures


These repairs involve filling cracks, sanding down the area, and the use of adhesives to patch holes. Cash vehicles purchaser reports the average fees to be between $325 and $425.




Light scratches are typically short fixes even as deep scratches can also result in intense paint chips that reveal the metal or plastic of the bumper. Cash automobiles customer lists the variety of scratch upkeep as $50 to $600.

Bumper Replacement Costs


The expenses to update a bumper on a passenger automobile will depend upon:


  • The make, model, and 12 months of the vehicle
  • If it’s far an original system manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket bumper.


According to price Helper, a new bumper for a passenger vehicle can value everywhere between $100 and $1,000. Installation and portray the new bumper can cost between $two hundred and $six hundred. Bumpers for pickup trucks, SUVs, and luxury vehicles can have higher fees.


The Bumper Replacement & Repair Process

To offer you a concept of what to expect, right here is how Key Collision centers handle the bumper repair and substitute strategies:


1.Our technicians carry out a loose estimate on a component-through-element basis to decide if repair or alternative is the fine option for you and your vehicle.


2.After coordinating the work together with your insurance corporation, we order all essential elements. Whether we use OEM or aftermarket elements can be dictated by way of your coverage policy.


3.While you bring your automobile in to be constant, the bumper is eliminated and disconnected from all components (lighting, warning structures, sensors, etc.).


4.If the bumper is being repaired, a technician uses specialized equipment to repair any scratches, dents, cracks, and holes. The bumper has painted the use of an exact color healthy to make it appear as true as new.


5.If the bumper is being changed, we connect the new one (after ensuring there is an exact paint suit) and join it to all the vital components.


6.After our thorough inspection, your vehicle is prepared to move domestic!

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