HP ENVY 6455 Printer Network Connection Issue

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The HP ENVY 6455 Printer is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, & USB connectivity technology multitasking printer. It prints the documents in high-quality & a 2-sided printing feature is built-in in this printer. The 2-sided printing feature absolutely allows saving energy as well as saving the paper. This wireless printer delivers borderless photos. Moreover, the size of the HP Envy 6455 printer is compact and completely suitable for small businesses.

In the working area of your office, this printer is properly fit. The input tray is their insider in this printer. You can install 100 sheets at a time in this input tray. The HP ENVY 6455 Printer easily & thoroughly works with a WiFi network. Then, you can quickly print & scan the documents remotely. You can print & scan the documents virtually anywhere while using the mobile app.

Moreover, the HP printer has 10 pages per minute black paper speed and also 7 pages per minute color page. The input & output capacity is more than the other printer. The input capacity is 100 sheets of this printer & 25 sheets of output capacity. Some printer users think to remotely print & scan the documents virtually anywhere, how to connect hp envy pro 6455 to wifi. Then, with the HP smart app, your printer simply connects to the WiFi network connectivity. 

What is the network connection with HP ENVY 6455 Printer?

The HP ENVY 6455 Printer absolutely works with many devices such as PC, laptops, mobile phones, Alexa, & WiFi network connectivities. But sometimes the network issue comes due to all such devices not connecting. If the device does not connect to the all-in-one printer then you cannot print, copy, or scan the documents. To properly print, copy, & scan the documents you have to make the connection with one device. There is some device that has a network issue. 

  • Network connection with Alexa
  • WiFi network
  • Computer or laptop not working with the printer
  • Mobile phone network issue

Solutions: HP ENVY 6455 Printer Network Connection Issue

If a network issue comes with the HP ENVY 6455 Printer then you have to examine the issue in a proper manner. If you wish to resolve the issue in a quick & easy manner, just follow some steps.

Move the Amazon Alexa device position & use Alexa App

The Alexa device is absolutely compatible with HP Envy pro 6455 wireless all-in-one printer. With the Alexa device, you can easily & effortlessly voice control the device. But sometimes the Amazon Alexa device is not working with this printer then the user can not operate the device with your voice. To resolve the issue, you have to verify the Alexa device & HP ENVY 6455 Printer device range.

Because sometimes, the Alexa device is out of printer range. If the Alexa device is absolutely out of printer range, then you have to improve the range. To resolve the Alexa device connection, you have to place the Alexa device in that room, where the printer is placed. Ensure you use the Alexa app to make the connection. 

Verify the app to resolve the WiFi network issue

Sometimes, the WiFi network is not working with the all-in-one printer, the user cannot remotely print & scan the documents. To resolve the issue, you have to verify the App. because sometimes, you use the wrong app then this printer does not work with the WiFi network. To make the connection with the WiFi network, you have to use the HP smart app.  Through this, your HP ENVY 6455 Printer easily & quickly connects to the WiFi network. After that, you remotely print & scan the documents. 

Connect the PC or laptop with a USB cable 

If the PC or laptop does not connect to the 6455 wireless all-in-one printer, then you remove the wireless connection. Instead of the wireless connection, you have to apply a USB cable connection. The USB port is built-in in this printer. Then, you can efficiently make the connection with a PC or laptop. To establish with this device, you have to just put the USB cable into an available USB port of your device as well as the HP ENVY 6455 Printer. After that, switch ON the power & ensure the connection. 

Ensure the HP smart app 

Many times, the mobile does not work with the 6455 printers. This issue comes due to using incorrect apps & more range. To resolve the issue, you have to examine the app. If you use the wrong app, then you promptly uninstall this app, & install HP smart app. After that, ensure the network in your mobile phone. If network connectivity does not connect to the mobile phone, then the mobile phone is not working with the printer. 

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