Kedarkantha Trek | Panoramic View of the Snow-Clad Mountain Tops

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If you are thinking about some adventurous trek in the chilly winters. If you wish to walk through the cold but fresh mountain breeze while the white snow crushes and crackles under your heavy trekking shoes. Nature’s divine echo merged with mythological sacred aspects written on every path you trek in the Himalayas. The serenity and blissfulness of your trekking journey are remembered for time immemorial then Kedarkantha Trek is your destination.

The beautiful weather with the purity of nature’s ambience will bewitch your senses once you step into the holy trekking zone of Kedarkantha Trek. The Green dense forests of Kedarkantha Trek will be more amazing as you see the green pine and oak trees clothed in white snow. The scenic beauty of the streams, the glow of the setting sun behind the mountains adds a texture of sanctity to Kedarkantha Trek.

It is considered to be a moderate trekking journey to Kedarkantha which is why Kedarkantha is availed by many beginner trekkers, and the Kedarkantha Peak is located at a height of 12500 ft. with Sankri located at 6000 ft. Though your journey will be beginning from Sankri village. Once you are at Dehradun you will be dropped off at Sankri Village of Uttarakhand, from where you will be commencing the rest of your journey to the Kedarkantha Trek. It is the best option to carry your trekking gear along with other amenities while you go on a trek at Kedarkantha.

The Complete Guide To Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha Trek will offer you a panoramic view of the snow-clad mountain tops and the oak and pine forests swaying their heads to the harmonious music of the mountain breeze. Trekking at Kedarkantha is a total of four to five days trekking through the rocky and snow-covered mountain paths. While you trek through the snowy paths you will be amazed by the serenity and sanctity of holiness at Kedarkantha. It is best if you visit during December to April though it is an all year round trek from December to April you will be receiving a good amount of snowfall at Kedarkantha.

You will be starting your journey on the first day from the gateway to Kedarkantha Trek; Dehradun to Sankri Village. Once you have reached the Sankri Village for the day you will start your journey towards the Sankri base camp the next day.

On the second day, you will be staying up in the Sankri base camp in the evening and also be a part of the glowing sun setting behind the mountain peaks afar. You will be resting on your first day in the camp base. You will be gazing at the glowing stars covering the night sky.

On the third day, your destination will be starting from Sankri towards Juda Ka Talab which is a 5 kilometres trekking journey through the lush green meadows and dense forest roads. Upon reaching Juda Ka Talab you will be mesmerized by the frozen lake that titles the name Juda Ka Talab after all it was once two lakes co-joined to be one.

The fourth day is the day for which you will have to trek a distance of 4 kilometres from Juda Ka Talab towards Kedarkantha. The scenic beauty of the surroundings at Kedarkantha will gratify your inner soul with utmost peace and tranquillity. You can observe the graceful snow-capped mountain tops of Bandarpoonch, Swargrohini, Kalnag and Ranglana along with the wonderful Kedarkantha peak. The gleeful mountains and the beautiful scenario of the snowy mountains and the forests will delight you in no time. Once you are at the Kedarkantha base camp the huge mountains and the sky filled with stars will take you on a journey through the heavenly realm of the surroundings.

On the fifth day of your trekking journey, you will be trekking from Kedarkantha Base Camp towards the Kedarkantha Peak and then towards Hargaon. You will have the best experience of walking through the rocky snowy paths under the stars at 3 a.m. to the Kedarkantha peak. You will be filled with grace by the holy spot of Kedarkantha Peak as the Trishul (trident) of Lord Shiva marks your trekking journey with the divine essence of the surrounding environment. You can also observe the holy sites of Gangotri, Yamunotri from the Kedarkantha summit and the Chansil Pass and the Kinnaur Kailash summits. Then you will descend towards Hargaon making it the end of your trekking journey at Kedarkantha. On your way, you will have a glimpse of Har ki Dun valley.

Trekking at Kedarkantha will make you recall the tale of Lord Shiva disguised as a bull to test the Pandavas. Later he found himself grabbed by Bhima and escaped from Kedarnath to Pashupatinath in Nepal. The sight where Lord Shiva was roaming as a bull is the Kedarkantha Peak and has a Trishul (trident) narrating the presence of Lord Shiva at Kedarkantha Trek. It is one of the best trekking spots in Uttarakhand.

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