Stupendous Ways To Secure Network Of Tplink M7200 Mobile Router

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The Tplink M7200 Mobile Router is a wireless 4G SIM-equipped mobile Wi-Fi router. It delivers a wireless network for mobile routers. This device size is compact & easily fits in the pocket. Then, some users say this router is a small pocket router. Additionally, this mobile router works with a 4G SIM card. If the SIM card does not install inside the router then it does not deliver the network connectivity.

The network connectivity of the Tplink M7200 mobile router shares up to 10 mobile phones. Moreover, the 2000mAh battery is also there inside the mobile that works for up to 8 hours. The batter is very stable & works for a long time. The M7200 mobile WiFi router completely supports the latest generation 4G FDD/TDD-LTE then delivers the fastest & speedy wireless network.

Furthermore, the three LED indicator light is built-in on the front panel of the mobile router that provides the network connectivity status. This router thoroughly supports 2G/3G/ & 4G SIM card connectivity. To enhance the wireless network, you have to configure the advanced setting. The advanced setting is important to improve & amplify the network. You navigate m7200 & then absolutely visit the setting. Afterward, configure the advanced setting. 

Why is it important to secure the network of the Tplink M7200 Mobile Router?

The Tplink M7200 Mobile Router is the optimum & most perfect device for all types of mobile phones. All the mobile phones easily & efficiently access the network connectivity. But some hacker, outsider, & malware software is here that provides harm to your device. If you wish to protect the network from some outsider & malware software then, you have to enable the security. The security feature is most important to fully & completely protect the device. To protect the device from some software, you have to secure the network. You have to configure Tplink M7200 Mobile Router network that is given below & protect the mobile router. 

  • Secure wireless network
  • Block unwelcome devices
  • Lock SIM card

How to secure the network of the Tplink M7200 Mobile Router?

The wireless network of the Tplink M7200 Mobile Router is most important. To enjoy the network of this device, you have to secure the network. If you don’t secure the network then you cannot enjoy a wireless network. If you wish to secure the network of this mobile router, then you have to follow some steps. 

Secure wireless network

The SSID (wireless network name) & wireless password of the Tplink M7200 Mobile Router is most important. The default network name & password can be found inside the back cover of your mobile Wi-Fi router. To secure the wireless network, you have to ensure network connectivity in your computer device. If a Windows 10 or Mac device does not connect to the network, then you can quickly make the connection through the Ethernet cable. You have to navigate & log in to the login windows via the login ID.

Then, go to the wireless, in the column you have to enter the network name & password in the available field. On the top right-hand side, you will find the done option, just click this option. Toggle off SSID Broadcast, so the SSID will not be displayed when you scan for wireless networks.   

Block unwelcome devices

To block unwelcome features absolutely allows you to restrict unwelcome devices to access the wireless network of your Mobile Wi-Fi. To block unwelcome devices, you have to visit the login page. On this page, you have to mention the default information. Then, go to the status option & click the current client’s option. Then, you will top the right-hand corner block device option. Just click this option & choose the device that you want to block in the online client’s list. In the end, you have to click the Block option that is available on this page. Then, the unwelcome device absolutely blocks it. 

Lock SIM card

The Lock SIM card features allow you to lock your SIM card with the PIN lock. Then, for this, you have to enable the PIN lock in the proper manner. To enable the PIN lock you have to visit the mobile router login page with the default login IP. then, log in to the account with the login password. You have to go to the device and select the advanced setting. In the setting, you have to choose the PIN management option. Now, you have to enable the PIN code of your SIM card. In the end, click the done option to save the lock SIM card setting. 

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