Things to Consider Before Buying a New VoIP Business Phone

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Are you excited about buying the VoIP Business Phone? Thinking about a lot of benefits that come for your business with the use of VoIP Phones System?

The excitement is definitely justified as we always want to approach things that give us undue advantages and we all know, the VoIP based phones come many benefits and considerable uses.

The VoIP phones are best suited for the businesses where more of the international contracts are taking place and when the calls have to be made in long distances at multiple locations.

 Well, before you plan to buy VoIP Phones for Business, it is important that you understand a few things and consider a few important factors.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New VoIP Business Phone

You should be answering the major questions that are as listed below:

Which category of phones will be the most appropriate for your business requirements?

The latest advancement in the field of IP communications has now made it possible to own a phone system that is completely functional called as hosted VoIP along with premium phone systems. So you need to understand that if the phone will be getting used by 25+ users, the premise-based phones will be suitable and if the number is less than 25 then both premium, as well as hosted solutions, can be chosen.

Why Do You Need A New Phone System?

Although one common reason for having the phone system is to allow incoming and outgoing calls but what are the other major reasons for the purchase of the VoIP Phones?

The reality is that all the IP Phones available in the market come with similar functionality but the only difference is in the way they are being marketed to the users. Hence, it is important that you take a look at important features like:

  • Voicemail
  • Call reports
  • Auto-attendant function
  • Find me capability
  • Call forwarding and recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Extension dialing
  • Follow me capability and
  • Call transferring
  • Voicemail to email etc.

You can consult in all the departments of your companies, their needs, and requirements and then come up with a final list of features.

You should have a list of all the important features you need in your Best VoIP Phones along with some additional ones that would be cherry on the cake.

Is System Capable Enough To Get Integrated With Existing VoIP Phones?

The VoIP system has a major benefit on other Business Phone and that is the power to easily integrate with other existing systems including ERP and CRM etc. Some of the phones have the ability to perform integration with the assistance of APIs.

Before buying the VoIP Business Phones System, you should have complete research about all integrations that will be required and confirm with the vendor if the integration is possible or not.

Who Will Be Handling The Deployment And Maintenance Activities Of The Phone System?

This question holds no importance if there are people in your IT team who can handle all the deployment, support and maintenance activities. But in other cases, you will have to either go for a hosted VoIP system or the vendor should provide those required services.

Who is Responsible For Providing The Voice Service?

Before identifying the responsible entity that will provide the phone service, never buy the phone. In case you are planning to go for VoIP Business Phone, make sure that the service provider is okay with the phone system. If you will choose for PSTN and VoIP service, it is important to make the phone vendor aware of the scenario to get a proper business solution.

What will be the overall costing of purchasing the Best VoIP Phones?

Once you are deciding the phone types, vendor-based details, and configuration. It is important to understand will your system be cost-effective or not. You should do a complete cost calculation on having a VoIP System.

More expandable, scalable and reliable your system will be, the costing will be high per user. Although in the long run, the savings will definitely be there. But keep in mind, with an increase in the number of users, the cost keeps growing.

As and when the company keeps growing, new users keep adding. So, get such VoIP phones that can easily upgraded whenever any new technology comes into the market.

What are The End-Users Expecting?

The most important factor is to understand the needs of the employee. Different users will have multiple requirements that need to be fulfilled. Before you buy a new VoIP business phone, don’t forget to ask them what features they are looking on the phone. Then, you can make a match between the phone benefits and the employee’s needs.

Can Remote Employees Use the Phone System?

Well, with the IP Phones, the biggest advantage is that the employees can take calls from any place without the requirement of a business cell phone. So if your business has mobility based requirements definitely the VoIP is the right choice. With this, the employees get access to desk phones at any point of time.

These are some really important questions that you need to consider before buying the VoIP Phones for Business.

With each of the questions that you will answer above, there will be multiple more linked questions that will come out and you will make a stronger and better choice. You will end up buying the best phone system that will be fulfilling all the business requirements. This will be a more cost-effective decision that will provide economic benefits in the long run and thus a significant rise in business productivity.

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