Top 5 Best Wireless Routers For Your Home And Business 2021

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Wireless routers are one of the most convenient devices created to transfer data packets or network connection between the device and network source.

Back in the days, this work was done using cables and wires connected from device to network source like modem and they were simply called routers but with the technological advancements those cables and wires have been eliminated to a certain extent and routers have gone wireless, which certainly means that now you don’t need cables or wires hanging around with your device, you can simply access the internet anywhere with the help of wireless routers.

Wireless routers come in different specifications as per requirement like- for business use or simply household use.

Here are Some Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Wireless Router for Your Home or Business:

Standard Specification Requirement

Previously wireless routers came with 802.11n support which was fast but with new technology, there is a new 802.11ac support which is three times faster than its predecessor.

Frequency Bands

Wireless routers come in 2 types of frequency bands- 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Best wireless routers come with both frequency configuration which enables faster connectivity and are known as dual-band routers, and one that comes with any one of the above frequency bands is called single-band router.


Range is the most important thing to be considered while seeking a wireless router as connectivity and speed depend on it, high range wireless routers have a long-distance coverage when compared to a standard range wireless router, you can spec this out as per the size of the area you have or want to cover.

  • Price of Router

Price of the wireless router depends on specifications that it holds, higher priced routers come with high specs and mid-range or low-range routers come with a standard setup. The cost of routers ranges from $100 to $1000 and even more but it ultimately depends on the need of the user.

  • USB Ports

If you share your network with multiple people or if it is a business setup then you should look out wireless routers with a USB port so you can share data with every device connected on a network by simply plugging in the source of data like an HDD or flash drive in a USB port.

  • Lifespan of Router

It is natural for networking hardware devices to lose their performance with time and usage, so you should consider the lifespan of the router before buying. You can also lookout for any warranty or free service maintenance on a wireless router.

  • Router from ISP

Probably every ISP provides routers as well with the internet connection, their routers come with a basic specification which is good for personal household use but if you want a fully loaded router, your ISP might not provide it.

  • Placement of Router

The last thing you need to worry about is the placement of your router. You should keep it in the centralized location and make sure it is not obstructed by walls or any other object.

Top 5 Best Cisco Routers for Your Home and Business 2021

Below is a list of top 5 best Cisco Routers For Home and Business.

1) CISCO1921/K9 Cisco C1921 Modular Router

This model is from the infamous 1900 series from CISCO. It supports both wired and wireless configurations like Serial, T1/E1, xDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, and third-generation (3G) wireless. It also features interchangeable modules and with its economical price tag of under $500 it does not fall heavy on pocket too.

So with the uncompromised quality of the product and with maximum investment protection, this cisco router is surely the best choice to go with.

2) CISCO1941/K9 Integrated Wired Router

This is an upgraded product of the 1900 series. It is a flexible model whose modules can be easily interchanged with any other cisco router.

It comes with a price tag of $549 which is just a little above than its older model but it is not much in comparison to the upgrades it has been given. It features 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports which will ensure faster connectivity and transfer speed and with 256 MB Flash/512 MB DRAM option, you can trust that this product will give great output with the smooth functioning of your work.

3) Cisco C1111-8P Series Integrated Services Router

This is a high-performance wireless router from CISCO C1111-8P Series Integrated Services Router. This device is loaded with Cisco IOS XE Software which is integrated software that operates with a combination of WAN, comprehensive security, wired and wireless access in a single platform to give a seamless high-speed performance.

It comes with Gigabit Ethernet along with a total of 10 ports out of which 8 are network ports, 1 is management port and 1 is an expansion port. These types of features in a router are perfect for any small or mid-sized business enterprise.

4) Cisco 897VA Gigabit Ethernet Security Router

Cisco 897VA model comes with advanced specifications and is definitely powerful and fast. It is priced at $999 which means this model is not a cheap one but on the other hand, it also ensures the premium quality and performance because of its high price.

This model is equipped with security hardware acceleration and Cisco IOS Software because of which it delivers great performance with integrated security and threat defense. It features 9 GigE ports including 1 expansion port. CISCO also covers one year of manufacturing warranty on this product which is a plus point for its customer.

5) Cisco ISR4351/k9 Integrated Services Router

This Cisco router is a member of the Cisco 4000 series which is already a recognized series in power-packed wireless routers. It ensures maximum security and data protection with Cisco Umbrella and Encrypted Traffic Analytics to spot any malicious element and clean it.

The device is loaded with Cisco IOS XE open operating system which is a multi-core program that boosts up network performance. The price tag on this model is of more than $3000 which means that this device is appropriate for a large operating business with multiple branches and one which requires high security on its network, so if you own an enterprise like this you surely need this Cisco wireless router.

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