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BCA: Top Engineering Colleges In Agra:

BCA Colleges in Agra are some of the finest institutions. Their emphasis on curriculum and other required arenas are the reason some of these universities attract the most students in a single year.

The requirement of practical skills more than knowledge in modern society is very well understood by these universities, which is why the emphasis is laid on extra-curricular activities. Students enrolled in BCA Colleges in Agra are given a wide variety of choices between clubs and sports facilities so as to improve their well-being and social skills.

Students, apart from learning technical skills are also given hands-on practical experience in the form of practicals and training classes. The BCA Colleges regularly hold training camps for students who wish to gain expertise in their field or any other related chosen field.

Eligibility: Candidates must have passed their 10+2 in Science stream for BCA Course, from a recognized board. Some BCA Colleges in Agra take an entrance exam before admitting students.

What students learn: Students learn different coding languages such as Python, Java, C++, C, etc. They also learn Introductory Algebra, Oracle Lab, Business Intelligence, Client Server Computing, Cloud Computing, UNIX Programming, Data Structure, etc. Students are also taught Creative English, Communicative English, Basic Mathematics, etc so that they get a strong base in Computer Applications, etc.

B.Tech: Top Engineering Colleges In Agra:

B.Tech Course is one of the other options for students interested in the field of Information and Technology and who wish to pursue a career developing and managing web programs and software systems, etc.

The course content is designed in such a way that students are eligible to apply for any field-related post that they may wish for. Students are confident in their abilities as the general approach of B.Tech Colleges in Agra is innovation and using innovative techniques and engaging study material for students. Projectors and other such equipment are being used in most B.Tech Colleges in Agra, so as to build the educational system of India all over again. The emphasis of these institutions is the success of enrolled students through a healthy competitive spirit.

Eligibility: Students gain admission to B.Tech Colleges in Agra by passing a State-Level or a National Level entrance exam. Candidates apart from this must also have passed their 10+2 from a recognized board in Uttar Pradesh or India.

What students learn: B.Tech Colleges in Agra offer a vast amount of choices for their students. Students can specialize in whatever field they wish to major in. Fields such as Aeronautical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, etc.

MCA: Top Engineering Colleges In Agra:

There are many great MCA Colleges in Agra which provide an advanced curriculum syllabus to their students. The course is regularly updated and developed by professional experts in the field.

Apart from updated syllabi, many MCA Colleges in Agra also provide hostel facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Students who come from far-off places can avail such facilities and feel right at home. The other amenities of MCA Colleges in Agra include auditoriums and seminar halls for students to avail learning opportunities.

The libraries here are all cyber-enabled with thousands of books for every kind of student. The hostel facility is also one of the best with separate hostels for both boys and girls. The food is hygienic and made in clean environments. Hence, overall the basic amenities these colleges provide are at par with the excellent standards they set every year. The students who graduate from these colleges are recruited by many different companies in India and overseas.

Eligibility: Interested candidates must have passed their Bachelor’s in any related field with an aggregate of 50% marks to avail admission in MCA Colleges in Agra.

What students learn: Students learn a wide variety of skills and practical experience by studying topics such as Computer Organization and Architecture, UNIX Lab & IT Lab, Management Functions, DBMS Lab, A.I Applications, Statistical Computing, Systems Analysis, and Systems Design, Probability and Combinatorics, Data Structures, Object-Oriented Analysis, and Design, etc.

M.Tech: Top Engineering Colleges In Agra:

M.Tech is the natural course option for students after they have completed their B.Tech. It provides in-depth knowledge of subjects that were taught in B.Tech. M.Tech Colleges in Agra provide all the necessary training experience and practical sessions to their students. Students are provided training and practical sessions that enable them to generate a wide amount of skills within them.

This ensures that the current requirement of recruiters in terms of skills and knowledge is fulfilled and also, that students attain the job profile or position they wish to have.

Students are also encouraged to develop an interest in internship programs that are available during the summer vacations, for students to enhance their arena of special skills and the chance to get employed by companies that are reputed and globally recognized.

Eligibility: Candidates must have a minimum Bachelor’s degree in the related fields, such as B.Tech, BCA, etc, with aggregate marks amounting to 60%. Some M.Tech Colleges in Agra also conduct personal interviews, counseling sessions, etc.

What students learn: Enrolled students learn about practical subjects as much as they learn about theoretical subjects. Topics such as Algorithms, Cryptography, Network Security, Advanced Database Management Systems, Mobile and Wireless Computing, Embedded systems and image processing, VLSI Design, etc.





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