Why is the Wavlink Gigabit Router blinking red LED? Fix it!

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The Wavlink Gigabit Router can easily expand the existing wireless network anywhere by using the setup. However, you get four external antennas that are placed in an incredible way and the design to make the existing network better and stable. It provides a convenient design that is highly compatible so that you can enjoy the hassle-free placement of the devices. Also, its sleek design helps to blend in easy network access into the home network or the small office. However, its high-performance antennas allow every wireless device to connect to the router and access all the corners of the house.

Additionally, you can ap.setup for the setup of the Wavlink Gigabit router and it automatically finds the signal of the device and starts boosting the wireless connection throughout the house. Moreover, the dual-band speed depends on the efficiency of the device. So you get 300 Mbps of speed into 2.4 GHz and 1.2 Mbps of speed with 5 GHz of data speed mode.

Troubleshooting the LED lights issue of the Wavlink Gigabit router

This problem is caused by several factors that affect the working of the Wavlink Gigabit router. While setting up or configuring the device, it blinks different LEDs that indicate the different meanings. To avoid the obstruction into the network connection then make sure that you have placed the Wavlink Gigabit router in a good place. However, the different LEDs indicate different meanings that you should definitely know. 

If the Wavlink Gigabit router blinks a stable pink LED then it means the router is activated. If the pink LED keeps flashing then it means it is not connected to the internet connection. 

If the red LED is slowly flashing into the device neither the router is connected to the internet nor it is accessible with other wireless devices. The stable red LED means the wireless router is suffering from a poor or weak internet connection.

The stable blue LED status means the connection is good between both devices. When the blue LED is fast flashing then the WPS keeps trying to connect to the Wavlink router. On the contrary, the slow flashing of the Blue LED means the WPS is trying to establish a good connection between the router and the client device.

Fix the red LED error with the Wavlink Gigabit router

When the red LED becomes stable on the device then it shows the wifi signal but fails to connect to the internet connection. However, in this article, we provide you with the solution to fix this error so that you get a stable wifi connection into the house and enjoy the internet connection in a hassle-free manner. 

You need to make sure that you have used the correct wifi repeater login details to access the wifi router. Check the IP address that must be within the range of the Wavlink router’s IP address. The next solution is to forget or remove the wireless network connection and change the password or some other connection and try to reconnect or configure the settings of the device. You can also change the SSID network name or the password instead of changing out forgetting the credential details. So that you don’t need to put your efforts again into the configuration of the device. However, changing the security mode as this can be much more impactful than other solutions. 

Hard reset of the Wavlink wifi router to the factory defaults

The hard reset of the Wavlink Gigabit router device will help to restore to factory default settings. In case the above solution does not work then you can hard reset the device. This method will surely trouble the blinking of the red LED light error. Here are two simple methods.

The first method is to press or hold the reset button that is on the rear panel of the Wavlink Gigabit router by using a pin for more than ten seconds. Then you can see the flashing lights and when it goes off and some LED lights go back on slowly. You have to show some patience at that time and your device has been reset successfully. 

The second method is to directly push the reset button of the device with the help of the pin and leave the button when the router is powered on. If you can see all the lights are slowly flashing again then it’s been reset successfully. Make sure that after the hard reset, get the default access information of the login credentials from the manual. 

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