Arlo WiFi Video Doorbell Not Chime? Tips & Tricks To Resolve It!

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The Arlo WIFi video doorbell is a wireless 2-way audio & night vision included doorbell. It comes along with a security camera that delivers full security. The Arlo’s security doorbell camera lets you see a person from head to toe or a package on the ground with a 180-degree view. The high-quality lens is built-in inside the doorbell camera that accurately provides a clear picture.

Additionally, the HD with HDR quality footage from your video camera ensures you see the details on your devices even in low light or bright conditions. Moreover, the 2-way audio feature is built-in in the Arlo WIFi video doorbell that allows responding quickly. This 2-way audio feature allows you to talk directly with your visitors and you can also give an instant response.

The sensor is also built-in in the video doorbell that captures the motion & smart alert, quicker action. With this sensor, you never miss a moment & completely see a motion. With this doorbell, you absolutely feel secure. The siren is built-in in this doorbell so that you can easily hear the chime. Alexa thoroughly works with a video doorbell then, you can control & operate the doorbell with your voice. 

Why does Arlo WiFi Video Doorbell not chime? 

The Arlo WiFi Video Doorbell comes along with 2-way audio then you can easily communicate with your visitor & guest. The night version feature is also there in this device that works at night & absolutely records full clarity video. To enjoy all the features, you have to do Arlo video doorbell installation. Without installing the doorbell, you cannot enjoy all the features & benefits. But sometimes, the doorbell does not chime the user face issue. Here are some common issues, due to the doorbell not chiming.

  • Not connect to the WiFi 
  • Wiring connection
  • Microphone does not connect 
  • Damaged battery

Tips & Tricks: Arlo WiFi Video Doorbell Not Chime

If Arlo WiFi Video Doorbell doesn’t chime then you ensure the issue. Because common issues are very common then you need to try this issue manually. In the given below, there are some troubleshooting steps. 

Ensure the battery 

If the chime does not work in the wireless doorbell then you should ensure the battery. Because sometimes the battery inside the video doorbell is not charged due to which the chime function does not work. To resolve the issue, you have to verify the battery inside the Arlo WiFi Video Doorbell.

If battery power is too low then, you need a charge that comes along. You have to charge the battery of the doorbell. Additionally, many times the battery inside the doorbell is totally dead then it does not work. To fix the issue, you have to install a new battery inside the Arlo WiFi Video Doorbell charging port. After that, the chime function works properly & the issue is properly fixed. 

Restart the video doorbell

To resolve the chime issue, you can easily restart the doorbell. The best solution is to restart the device, by doing this every single issue can be fixed easily. Moreover, this trick is very helpful. To restart the doorbell, you have to ensure the cable, if any cable is attached to the doorbell. Then, verify the power button that is built-in on the video doorbell. You have to smoothly press this button for 3 seconds and then release it. Then, the LED light status is off. You have to leave this device for some minute. After that, switch on the power of this device again.

Examine the doorbell setting

Sometimes the setting of the chiming doorbell is not properly configured. If the setting does not configure then you should check the setting. You can easily & securely verify the setting by using the Arlo App. This app is specially designed for this device. You have to install the app on your iOS or Android device. Then, visit the setting and verify the settings in a proper manner. Also, ensure the Arlo WiFi Video Doorbell is surely & properly connected to the network. After that, click the done option & securely save this setting.

Make sure the silent mode is not enabled 

Sometimes, the silent mode option is not enabled then the doorbell does not chime. To resolve the issue, you have to verify the silent mode. By using the arlo app, you have to go to the settings & verify the silent mode setting. If the silent mode setting is not enabled, then you use this setting and properly enable the silent mode setting. After enabling the silent mode setting, you have to click the save option. Now, the silent mode option allows & chime properly working. 

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