HP Envy 6455 Printer Not Printing Color? Stupendous Resolutions!

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The HP Envy 6455 printer is wireless multitasking like Print, Scan, & copy colorful printer. The automatic two-sided printing feature is built-in in this printer that completely prints the two-sided printing documents. This printer thoroughly performs multiple functions such as printing, copying, & scanning documents. The printing quality of this printer is very clear & higher than the traditional printer. The inkjet printing technology is there in this printer. Moreover, in the HP Envy 6455 printer the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, & USB connectivity technology is also built-in.

Then, you can easily & securely connect your device to this printer by using one technology. The better-than-ever connectivity, ensure your family stays connected with self-healing Wi-Fi. The dual-band WiFi network is entirely compatible with this wireless all-in-one printer. Then you can easily make the connection with any network such as a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network. 

Moreover, the HP Envy pro 6455 wireless printer delivers borderless printing. The two-side printing feature saves the paper as the printing of 2 papers is done on 1 paper with this printer. The hp envy pro 6455 wireless setup is not complex with the HP Smart App. by using this app on your Android or iOS device & thoroughly perform the wireless setup. 

Reasons: HP Envy 6455 Printer not printing color paper

The HP Envy 6455 printer absolutely prints the high & colorful printing documents. Additionally, it also copies your essential documents. This printer makes your essential documents colorful & back. The speed of black paper on this printer is 10 pages per minute and the speed of color documents is 7 pages per minute. But sometimes, the issue comes from the HP Envy 6455 printer not printing the color documents. If the printer does not print the color documents then the user faces issues. Here are some reasons due to this printer not printing the color documents. 

  • Not clean ink cartridges
  • Color printing feature disabled
  • Driver malfunctioned
  • Printer firmware update issue
  • Cartridge Falling Short of color Ink

Resolutions: HP Envy 6455 Printer Not Printing Color paper 

The HP Envy 6455 printer prints the color documents as well as black documents. But sometimes, the issue comes that this printer does not print the color documents. To properly resolve the issue, here are some resolutions.

Clean the ink cartridges

To resolve the color printing issue, you have to verify the ink cartridges. Because sometimes, the ink cartridges do not clean due to this printer not printing the color documents. You have to ensure your device is on the same wireless network as your printer. Then, open the HP smart & then select the printer, if it is not already selected. Under the tools set, you have to click Print Quality Tools. Next to Clean Printhead, click Clean or Clean Printheads. After that, the ink cartridges were absolutely clean & the color printing paper issue completely resolved it. 

Enable Printer Color Command

Sometimes the printing color is not enabled due to HP Envy 6455 printer not printing the color documents. To check the printer color command, you have to click on the start option & choose the setting option. Under the setting option, you have to click the printer option. You have to right-click on your printing system icon and select “Properties”. On the properties page, you have to click the printing preference.

Thereafter click the “Paper/Quality “tab and select “Color”. Click “OK” and exit from the page. Now perform a print test and receive a colored print of your choice. Moreover, this printer works with a WiFi network, but the user thinks about how to connect hp envy pro 6455 printer to wifi. Then with the HP smart app, it easily connects to the WiFi. 

HP Envy 6455 printer Printhead Needs to be Replaced or Freshly Installed

The printhead is a common issue due to the HP smart 6455 wireless printer not printing color documents. Go to the start button and search for “Control Panel” and then click on Drivers and printers. On the next page, you have to see the printing system icon, right-click on the same, and select Properties. On the new window that appears click on the “Hardware” option and then click on “Clean Ink ” on the subsequent window. Next, follow the prompts onscreen instructions to properly clean the printhead. 

Verify the print settings

To resolve the color printing issue, you have to verify the print setting. You have to select the type of paper you are printing on, such as photo paper or plain white paper. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your printouts, improve the print quality.  Make sure you select the correct paper size for your print job. Additionally, if you want to print in black and white only, select the grayscale option. After examining the printing setting, you have to click the apply option and try to print the paper again.  

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