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Mostly RVs, travel trailers, and campers are comes with solar power battery. That are adequate for a day or two away from a power source. Many RVers and campers don’t understand how to treat their batteries well or what size battery bank they need for their electrical requirements.

Typical RV batteries can be quite pricey, and their lifespans are only about two to three years. However, with the proper battery bank and the right solar system, batteries can actually last two to three times their normal lifespan– or an additional six to ten years.

Benefits of Solar RV Kits

Maximize Battery Life and Save Money

Many RVers and campers have small battery banks with limited ways to charge for a 2-4+ day excursions. Solar batteries are drawn down to a low voltage until warning lights and beepers activate. After then are often only partially recharged with the use of generators or shore power. This deep discharge of a battery lowers its lifespan.

A properly sized battery bank and solar battery charging system can extend the life if the battery two to three times its normal life – that’s up to six to eight years and in some cases 10+ years.

Easy to Use and Low Maintenance

Effective solar systems generally require very low maintenance. In fact, the only maintenance required would be to clean the glass of the solar panel occasionally. These solar power systems are made with highly reliable and durable components. And should require no additional knowledge to install and use. Checking the battery voltage is always beneficial but not required.

Electrical Independence and Save Money

Take charge and avoid being tied to an electrical outlet or forced to listen to loud, toxic generators. Solar provides the freedom for RVers and campers to stay out and away from it all for longer. By reducing the amount of maintenance and fuel for a generator and forgoing the electrical hook-up fee at many parks, solar kits can pay for themselves in no time.

Clean, Green and Quiet

Solar’s long lasting life makes it a green alternative for power production. There are no moving parts or fuel to burn, therefore no noise or fumes. Most of our solar cells have a 25 year power output warranty.

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