Hampta Pass | 5 Day Adventurous Trek From Manali

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If you are thinking about adventurous trekking through the snow-capped mountains located in the higher altitudes, filled with lush green meadows on the mountain patches and dense thick forests containing a large number of Oak trees and Pine Trees; walk through the scenic tour through the rocky mountain trails with the gushing waters from the rivers and streams but with no form of human habitat residing within the area will be guaranteed to you from the Hampta Pass Trek from Manali. Five days of an adventurous journey through nature’s divine kingdom will provide you with such an amazing experience on your visit. The 5 days adventurous Hampta Pass Trek will fascinate you as you trek more through its subsidiaries.

The Hampta Pass Trek is located at a height of 14039 feet above the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. Your trek through the adventurous mountain paths at Hampta Pass from Manali will lead you through the two divisional valleys of Spiti and Kullu. You have to travel by road towards Manali but if you are travelling by air then you have to land at the Kullu Manali Airport which is 60 kilometres away from Manali. You can also avail of a bus from Delhi as it is a 12 to 14 hours journey from Delhi to Manali.

Once you are at Manali release yourself towards your destination through the huge mountains filled with appreciating blissfulness once you cross the Alpine meadows ahead of you on your five days trek at Hampta Pass from Manali.

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The Complete Guide To Hampta Pass

Trekking at Hampta Pass is not a difficult one but a moderate level trekking spot and once you begin your journey through the pathway of Hampta Pass you will feel the serenity of the Heavenly realms engulfing you towards itself. But if you are willing to use the mountain trails of the higher altitudes then you might have to cut through a few difficulties. You have to start your journey holding onto your rigid trekking gear through the rocky paths and lush greenery.

  • On Your First Day

You will be trekking from Manali towards Jobri and from Jobri you have to move towards Chikka. It is a 1 hour and a route of 19-kilometre journey and you will be passing from Prini to Sethan then to Jobra. After Jobra you have to trek through the green maple trees, pine trees and birch trees to Chikka.

  • On Second Day

you will be trekking from Chikka towards Balu ka Ghera. You have to climb the rock stones to Juara Nala and then cross a river to a spot that will mesmerize you with the beauty of the Indrasan peak. After that, you will stop at Balu ka Ghera for the day.

  • On Third Day

you will be starting your journey from Balu Ka Ghera to Shea Goru and from there you will be reaching Hampta Pass. Hampta Pass is located at such a position where you have to climb for a longer period to Balu ka Ghera then trek to Hampta Pass. It is a 4 to 5 hours journey to Hampta Pass once you have crossed over you will have scenic views of the Buddhist populated barren dry zone of Lahaul and the Hindu populated lush green zone of Spiti valleys. You will get to come in contact with a few locals in the meadows. After that, you will reach Shea Goru camping site and halt for the day.

  • On Fourth Day

Get up early and set out on your trekking journey from Shea Goru to Chhatru by the Pir Panjal ranges. It is a five hours trekking journey. You will come across various scenic beauty through the valley and the water bodies at Pir Panjal ranges. You will be crossing by a various number of glaciers and then halt at Chatru’s camping zone. You will observe the beautiful gushing waters of Chandra Lake that glows up more under the night sky.

  • On Fifth Day

You have to start your trekking journey early in the morning towards Chatru. Either you have to trek from Chatru to Chandratal Lake or you have to trek from Chatru towards Manali and then from there cross Rohtang Pass. If you are trekking by Chandratal Lake, it is a 45 kilometres journey from Chatru towards Chandratal Lake. It is majorly possible in the summers. If you are willing to get to Chandratal Lake then summers are your only option after all it remains closed during other seasons.

The five days adventurous trek at Hampta Pass will leave you to cultivate a thrill in your heart as you pass by the green meadows, alpine meadows, dense forests, cross the streams and walk through the rocky path. You will be left with the best memories for a longer time.

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